Your Wage was founded by supermodel Joan Smalls out of the necessity to see change within an industry. With a major divide happening across the world due to racial injustices, Smalls made the decision to do something about it. In June 2020, in an effort to be a force for change, Smalls pledged 50 percent of her earnings for the remainder of the year to Black Lives Matter organizations. From this was born to help others within the fashion and entertainment industries, while also being available to people outside of those categories, donate portions of their wages to organizations of their choosing.

As a collective, we are able to make more change happen than we ever could alone. It is time for everyone to show their support and solidarity for the Black Lives Matter movement so real change can be seen across all industries and all over the world. As Smalls has said, Together, we are stronger.

How To Donate

In the spirit of Joan’s decision to donate 50 percent of her earnings for the remainder of 2020, we’re asking people for a one-time donation of a portion of their wages to Black Lives Matter organizations. Whether it is an hour, day, week, or month’s wage or whatever you are able to give, we’re here to make it simple for you. Need help breaking down your wage? Simply enter your yearly salary and choose the portion you would like to donate (month, week, day, hour) and our calculator will configure the one-time donation amount. You can also make a custom donation for however much you are willing or able to give.

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I pledge my voice, presence and financial support.

I acknowledge that our collective success has been built on years of systemic and institutional racism and I demand change.

Change requires funds to back efforts, so I have chosen to donate my wages to organizations fighting racial injustice and racism. Will you join me?


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